courtesy of his online archive of personal mixes, berlin-based mejle has taken us on many a mood-fuelled galaxy treks, and given great snapshots of different facets of dance music history. his taste shines through his party-making and label ventures, which he expands on with us in interview.



1. Hi Casper! Thanks for speaking wth us. How is your year travelling?

It’s been a nice ride so far, thanks! I turned a few things around in the beginning of the year, which enabled me to spend much more time on interests and projects related to music, and it’s working out great. Can’t complain!

2. Could you tell us a little bit about the mix you’ve put together for Heavyset?

it's a mix of records that I didn’t really find a chance to play out that much.. I’ve always had a soft spot for breaks and jungle, but don’t often get a chance to play it out these days, so there’s a bit of that style included. Pinkman and DJ Overdose also keep pushing interesting music, and there’s more electro in there, from UHU on Frigio Records to classic Detroit and Dutch material, and other records from house to EBM leaning sounds.

3. The second release from your co-headed Mechatronica project came out earlier this year - it's awesome! Nice work. How are you finding your new role as a label boss?

Thank you! It’s really exciting to develop the label. We're a mix of people from different professional and musical backgrounds, and we also come from different parts of the world (Dani from Chile, Federico from Italy and myself from Denmark), which is a nice blend. Dani and Federico have been running nights here for the past 5 years, I joined them 1-2 years ago and we then put out the first record last summer. We ended up putting a lot of hours into the groundwork (German bureaucracy can be up-hill, as anyone living here will tell you), so we are in a good position now to release more records. And we keep discovering music from both upcoming and established artists, that definitely needs to be released. We were really happy to see the nice support for the first releases, so we’ve got the next handful lined up with 003 coming out within the next few months. The label comes together nicely with our nights in Berlin, where we have the opportunity to present the artists on the label, do showcases of other labels that we like, and promote upcoming or local producers and DJs.

The physical experience of music is something we all highly value, so being able to release music on vinyl, present it on a good sound system through live or DJ sets and experience the reaction from listeners is really important to us, and we really appreciate having that opportunity!

4. There seems to be a real focus on pushing experimental production and performance through Mechatronica’s parties and further output. Does this vision align with your own approach to playing music – I think your selection and mixing techniques to be quite distinctive.

I guess, yeah. I enjoy nights, concerts and records across all genres, and I’m grateful to live in a city where you have a handful of large venues open to taking risks on their musical programme - and different crowds of people who go out at night, with a genuine interest in discovering and dancing to new music. This combination enables you to take more chances and move into new territories with music presentation, even if you’re not a class A artist with a strong reputation and listener base. You’ll find crowds of open-minded listeners all over the world, but many cities suffer from not having enough platforms/venues available to build on (for one reason or the other), and so I feel an obligation to make use of this opportunity here...

Perhaps experimenting with different styles is what motivates me to buy and play the records I do. I really enjoy playing more hypnotic, driving sounds for hours on end if it’s peak time or early morning sets, but I equally appreciate rapid mixing with sudden hard shifts in energy and music. It always depends on the type of party, the venue and the crowd there. So whether it’s electro, industrial, EBM, techno, acid, etc. in club settings, more disco, synth or italo driven nights in smaller venues or more classic Detroit, Chicago and UK leaning house sounds, I think they all have exciting elements to play around with to create a good night.

5. What’s on the foreseeable horizon for yourself and the Mechatronica family?


i’ll be playing the Krach birthday bash here in Berlin on April 7th, and then we’ve got our 5-year anniversary coming up with Truss, The Exaltics, Luca Lozano, Arttu, Reka and more on April 8th at Griessmühle. There’s the third Mechatronica record coming out in a few months (the first solo EP on the label), and we continue our bi-monthly radio show at Sameheads’ Radio Rixdorf as well as the ongoing Mechatronicast mix series. 

We'll continue to put on nights at Griessmühle and Sameheads throughout the year - come by if you are in town!



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