An encyclopaedia of sorts, estimulo is responsible for educating the masses in all eras of emotion-rich dance music, via the web and his longstanding radio programme, the estimuloshow. well aware of our own affection towards his taste in bleepy, uk techno-flavoured tracks, he’s submitted a super special mix to us, ringing true to his ever-enlightening style.



1. Hi E! Could you tell us a little about the mix you’ve put together?

Tackling the mix was very conceptual this time. It really only covers a short period in time (namely 1990 and 1991) and the bleepy house/techno that emerged in this era. It's a branch of music that a part of (the more breaks and sample oriented part) ultimately led to hardcore in the UK from 1992 on. Proto-hardcore, so to say. Another part of it went more into the IDM/Detroit direction and everything that Warp / B12 and related stood for in their first years. I guess you can hear the vibe of a pioneering era in these tracks, before genres were too consolidated in electronic music.

In this aspect it's different from for example my radio show where I just air what i believe to be good, interesting tunes of any genre or era.

2. You are a life-long music lover and collector. What music inspired you from the beginning, and set you off on this journey?

My first memories about music that really spoke to me was Disco and Funk !

It must have been around 1978 when those sounds were very popular on the FM radio here and so i got my early dose of, for example, Chic and other black american funk bands on the small kitchen radio via the Berlin ether!

In the early 80s this sound was complemented by the emerging New Wave sound from Europe and Italo Disco, that was all over the radio.

Think Bobby Orlando, DAF, Visage ... Then also the emerging Electro Funk/early Hip Hop (Grandmaster Flash, Whodini, etc.).I was always a big radio listener (up to about mid nineties). It's hard to imagine for folks these days because FM radio has turned so shitty and purely commercial but back then you'd have a lot of special shows for every kind of music on the big stations and even the day time programming was interesting, because there wasn't any computerized and mandatory "chart rotation" and it was just the people who ran the shows who would naturally select the music as music.

Another aspect would be that i had a classical musical training (guitar) for about 10 years in my youth. There's not much fidding skills left of that (i can still hammer chords tho) but I guess it gave me a certain feeling and understanding for the music, and the ability to express myself with music in one way or another.

My master thesis in university - although being in the field of signal processing - was also related to musicology. So i guess the music just shows up in every part of my life.

3. Is there a genre or era in music that totally rules your digging time, or makes up the most part of your collection?

Definitely Deep House from the US and Detroit Techno of the late 80s and early 90s take up a huge part of my (12") collection! That's the music i loved and was focussing on for many many years, basically most of the 90s and still.

These days I'm digging in all different directions!

4. On that note, do you have a particular approach to sorting your music? I get a bit overwhelmed in tackling this for my own collection.

I have only a very rough categorization by style and origin, for example i got shelves for US House or Italian or UK House, then Breakbeat stuff and Italo Disco, Funk, Wave, etc. extra. But only about 50% of the collection is organized like that, the rest is just buzzing about because it's always taken out of it's shelf for possible rotation in my current sets (and not put back neatly, haha).

Luckily I've got quite a good memory so sometimes I remember where a record was but most of the times i just spend a real long time searching for it OR i just give up after a while and let it find me!!!

5. You’ve played all over Berlin since the inception of the EstimuloShow back in 2007, but the last few years has seen you play across a fair few countries, including Ireland, France and the UK. Awesome stuff! Have you enjoyed this 'touring dj' shift?

I always enjoy travelling and being able to present what i believe to be great (and often unknown, under the radar) music to people in a club context.

And a great aspect is also to meet up with like-minded music lovers from all over the world. You get a special view on their scene and environment, that's why i also love to spend some time with the hosts of the party instead of just flying in for a gig and then leaving immediately afterwards.

And I have to say that all my experiences so far were awesome!

Of course sometimes you have a more appreciative, euphoric crowd and sometimes a bit less, but all over i can say that every gig was special in it's own way.

6. What’s in store for you for the rest of 2017, and beyond?

Playing a few gigs here in Berlin in the next months (there’s a new spot called Schrippe Hawaii which I’m looking forward to play at) and maybe some other european cities later on this year. Nothing is locked yet, we shall see.

Besides that, I wanna just keep on digging for beautiful and special music new and old, continue to host my radio show and see what the future has in store. I'm relaxed and i like to let things happen for me and not cling to fixed goals too much.





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