A pleasure in part(y) comes through the guestmix gifted to us by Hysteric, the Italo disco virtuoso who’s surging widespread access to rare reissued and compilation content via his Melbourne-founded label, Mothball Record.  His own oddball edits have caught the attention of synth-freaks far and wide, with output released by the likes of Public Possession and Feugo international. enjoi!




1. Through your career, you’ve established yourself as Australia’s own gatekeeper to the world of Italo Disco. In this sense, the birth of Mothball Record just seems a natural progression. How did this venture come to be?

Mothball was started as a one-off fake label for the “Italo City” mix CD, which I made to help promote my “Life is Cheap” EP which was coming out on Bordello A Parigi back in 2011.
I enjoyed the process of geeking out designing the cover etc and peoples reaction was generally good, so I kept it going.

2. Mothball Record’s 20th release(congrats!) comes through the reissue of DECA’s Alkaid LP. Personally, we are very fond of these ambient-leaning unearthings - can we expect more of these sorts of expeditions through you and the Bordello A Parigi team?

Thank you :) I’m probably more surprised than anyone that the label is still going.
Deca was a interesting case, as I had written him (via discogs even) to use his track “Clock War” on the “Mothball Dance Classics” EP.
He’s a relaxed and generous guy and was happy to give us permission to repress “Synthetic Lips” and “Alkaid”. We definitely hope to continue working with him.

3. Could you tell us about the mix you’ve put to us?

Let’s see, I guess it’s somewhere between a studio and live mix. I don’t have a CDJ at home and really wanted to use some unreleased stuff and tracks from friends.So I did some preparation choosing tracks and then recorded it live at Toff in Town where I play every week.
I think there is only one Italo track in it? Which is either good or bad depending on your taste. Obviously I still love Italo bigtime but right now I’m also really enjoying playing some other stuff.

4. The last few years has seen you touring quite a lot internationally. How have you found this fairly epic adjustment, as a DJ?

Strangely it feels quite normal? I still don’t really consider it as touring somehow. I had done some more relaxed OS trips in the past and played a couple smaller parties which probably helped.
I like travelling and visiting my friends there, seeing museums/galleries/record stores and of course playing some dancefloor gigs which I don’t do so much of here.

5. What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?

There’s four new releases coming out on Mothball before the end of 2017, which is quite a lot considering last year we did just two. I do all the graphic design for the label and tend to work very slowly, so it takes some time.
Otherwise some bits and pieces for other labels, though I forget exactly what is confirmed and what not... part of me still never believes it’s happening until the record is in my hand :)






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